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Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief Heat Patches Regular  X2

Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief Heat Patches Regular X2


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Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief
Heat Patches Regular X2


NUROFEN MUSCLE & BACK PAIN RELIEF HEAT PATCHES FOR TARGETED PAIN RELIEF FROM BACKACHES, MUSCLE PAIN, NECK OR SHOULDER PAIN (without the need for medicines). Non-medicated - contains natural minerals which when exposed to air provide up to 8 hours of therapeutic heat.


Heat therapy helps treat the underlying cause of back and muscle pain in two ways:
- by increasing blood flow to the painful area
- by relaxing tight, sore, muscles

This helps you to get active again as soon as possible, which many doctors agree is vital in speeding up the recovery process.

Warnings or Restrictions

The patch is for external use only. Do not use for infants (2 years and under). For children under 12 and the elderly, use under supervision.

Warning: all heat products may cause skin irritation or burns. Do not lie on the patch or apply pressure during use, e.g. by wearing restrictive clothing. If the patch feels too hot or your skin becomes irritated, remove the patch straight away. Do not use on the same area of skin for more than 8 hours in any 24 hours. If your pain doesn't get better talk to your doctor.

Do not use:
- straight after an injury - heat may make swelling or bruising worse
- with any other heating device
- over skin that is irritated, broken or damaged
- if the wearer is unable to remove the patch
-with medicated creams, lotions, gels or ointments

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor before using the patch if you:
- have poor circulation, diabetes or arthritis or any other serious medical condition
- suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, or have very sensitive skin
- are pregnant

Product Specification

Size (2) Unit (EA) Height (16) Width (11.1) Depth (2.1)

Product code: 661201

Product Uses

Starts to heat up in 5 minutes.
Open the sachet to activate the patch.
Peel off the protective film.
Apply the patch to the site of the pain.
The patch will start to warm up within 5 minutes reaching its effective temperature after 15 minutes.

Apply directly on to clean, dry, non-greasy skin. They are held in place by a low-irritancy adhesive while the flexible hinged design allows them to move with your body. Discreet, slim and odourless, they can be worn under clothes wherever you are. They can be used on their own or with oral pain relief medicines.

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